Studio Baladi is a home for hand made jewelry

Hello, My Name is Laliv. Originally, I am an industrial designer that found her way to be a metalsmith. The Meaning of my brand's name "Baladi" is: Locally, From the ground, Untouched. This is what guides the lines and textures of most of my collections. I work with Gold, Sterling silver and brass, and sometimes combine new and surprising materials.

Being a Goldsmith is something that I've been planning and building for quite some time... After working for a few years as an industrial designer, manufacturing mostly plastic products and mainly doing all the work on the computer, I have decided to leave my job and become independent. I took classes in Micha Yecheli's studio and worked as a part time graphic designer, and slowly starting to make my first pieces.

I love this platform where I communicate with customers from all over the world, it’s always exciting for me that someone picks my work to be their wedding ring or their everyday body ornaments.

studio baladi

My studio is located in southern Tel Aviv
near the Levinsiky spices market.

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